Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

  • Need a New AV Department? How to Find the Right People for the Job

    If you need a new AV crew for your company, take your time to choose the best candidates. Your audiovisual department is an integral part of your business. If you don't hire the right technicians, you could end up with serious problems that can affect the way you do business. To make sure you have the right people for the job, here are four steps to take when hiring new AV technicians.

  • Installing A Home Theater System In Your Home

    Movies, sports, and concerts are so much better on a large screen and with great audio, but building a home theater is not as easy as buying a big screen and speakers. For the theater to offer a truly immersive experience, there are things that you need to consider. Preparing the Room If you want a true theater experience in your home, you need a room that is dedicated to that purpose.

  • Planning To Open A Nightclub? 3 Things You Must Do Before The Grand Opening

    If you have invested in a building that you are going to turn into a nightclub, you may see it as a profitable business venture that is going to bring in a lot of people, especially young adults who are interested in having somewhere fun to go when they want to listen to good music, meet new people, and dance throughout the night. Now that you have invested in the building for the nightclub, you will need to focus on setting things up to create an environment that is fun, vibrant, and exciting so that you can keep people coming back regularly to have a good night out.

  • Making Corporate Meetings Better

    Many companies have corporate meetings periodically. These meetings can be a way to exchange ideas with those who work for and with you and can be a time when everyone is in the same room to discuss various projects. However, they can sometimes turn into gatherings where not much is done and folks can't wait to leave. To make sure that your corporate meetings are enjoyed and valued by everyone, use these tips.

  • 5 Things You May Find in Your Sewage Pipe While Using a Sewer Camera

    If your home's sewage line has started to back up, you may decide to rent a sewer camera to find out what is blocking the pipes. If so, below are five things you may see while you are visually meandering through your pipes. Tree Roots Growing Into The Pipe If you have several trees growing close to your house, you may see tree roots inside your pipes. These can lead to all sorts of problems, including cracking the sewer pipe.

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    Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

    Shortly after I started my small business, I launched a website. While that was great, I quickly learned there are all sorts of other options for marketing online. A client of mine turned me on to the idea of creating and publishing videos as a way to get more attention. Knowing nothing about video production, my first efforts were more of an embarrassment than a help. After hiring a professional, we came up with four different videos touting my main products. In less than a week after they were launched, traffic to my site went up drastically. If you are thinking of using online videos to promote your business, let me tell you what worked for me, and what I learned to avoid at all costs. Doing so will get your project off to a smoother start and help you attract the right kind of attention.