Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

Installing A Home Theater System In Your Home

Sue Allen

Movies, sports, and concerts are so much better on a large screen and with great audio, but building a home theater is not as easy as buying a big screen and speakers. For the theater to offer a truly immersive experience, there are things that you need to consider.

Preparing the Room

If you want a true theater experience in your home, you need a room that is dedicated to that purpose. The room should not have windows in it, and the floor should have carpeting on it in order to absorb some sound. The walls can be painted but they also need to have sound-deadening material on them to help control the sound and eliminate echoes in the room.  

For the true theater experience, you may want to build platforms on the floor that will allow stadium-style seating for the best view possible. The platforms do not have to be very high, just enough to put the person behind each row high enough to see over the head of the person in front of them. 

Lighting Your Room

The lights in your home theater are important because you do not have windows in the room to open. You need to be able to turn the lights up when people are coming in or leaving the theater room, but dim the lights when the show starts. Using dimmable LED light fixtures is one option and you can connect the lighting to your cell phone or a tablet so you can dim the lights without having to leave your chair. 

Often, using LED lights on the aisle between the seats works well to illuminate the aisle and allow people to go out and come back during the show. If you use the same dimmable lighting on the floor that you are using in the rest of the room, you can adjust it as well or have the level preset.

Picking the Screen

You may be tempted to get the largest screen possible for your room, but keep in mind that the screen needs to fit the room. If it is too large, the screen will be hard to see up close and this can take away from the movie or event you are watching.

Audio System

The audio system also needs to be right for the room. Sometimes a loud audio system can be too loud, so when you are ready to buy the screen and audio for the theater, it is a good idea to talk to a home theater specialist about what will work best in the space that you have. 

Contact a company that offers home theater systems near you today to learn more.


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Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

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