Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

  • What Sound Engineers Need To Know About Your Venue

    Sound engineers work the sound board during performances. They may also act as the designer for the venue or event. In either case, they need to get information from you before starting to work on the sound associated with whatever will happen at the location. This gives them a starting point to work from so they can craft and then monitor sound that is easy on the audience's ears and brains.

  • Reasons To Make Use Of Acoustical Consulting When Constructing A Studio

    Whether you are trying to build a studio in the basement of your home or you are looking to build a brand new building to use as a professional studio, you will want to consider hiring a professional for acoustical consulting. Even if you have a lot of experience with music, there are some very good reasons to reach out to an acoustical engineering consultant. Here are two of those reasons:

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Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

Shortly after I started my small business, I launched a website. While that was great, I quickly learned there are all sorts of other options for marketing online. A client of mine turned me on to the idea of creating and publishing videos as a way to get more attention. Knowing nothing about video production, my first efforts were more of an embarrassment than a help. After hiring a professional, we came up with four different videos touting my main products. In less than a week after they were launched, traffic to my site went up drastically. If you are thinking of using online videos to promote your business, let me tell you what worked for me, and what I learned to avoid at all costs. Doing so will get your project off to a smoother start and help you attract the right kind of attention.