Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

4 Signs A Company Needs Video Production Services

Sue Allen

Many companies have video production needs. However, a lot of corporations make the mistake of handling this work in-house. Unless you have significant resources, it's hard to match the production value of professional work. If your company has any of these four issues with its videos, it's a sign that you should contact a team of professional video producers.

Insufficient Resources

Video production projects can be intensive. Even a small project requires screens, computers, control boards, and trained people to achieve decent results. If you want top-tier production values in your video, you must have the resources.

Worse, companies often assign production work to people with adjacent skills. Grabbing two people out of the graphic design department and sitting them at a computer, for example, means pulling two people off other jobs. Also, they're going to provide worse video production services while not doing other tasks. In most cases, it's better to work with a corporate video production studio that has the people and devices needed to produce high-end results.

High Demand

Small corporations are now frequently producing weekly or even daily videos for social media, streaming, corporate events, job fairs, and other functions. Many businesses never planned for this level of demand. If your company has demand that far outstrips your team's ability to keep up, it's time to talk with video producers. This is particularly true if your release schedule is falling behind. You want to get videos out on time so they can be relevant and drive engagement.

Weak Brand Recognition

If a firm has been producing videos for a while and still hasn't gotten the results you want, the problem may be weak brand recognition. People may have seen the videos, but they may not have caught the company's name or brand presence.

A financial services firm might post YouTube videos that are excellent in terms of audience engagement and education. However, the company's branding may be weak even if the overall presentation and content are strong. A more structured video production process will emphasize the corporate brand while sustaining value for the audience.

Incoherent Videos

A major part of the video production process is cutting, sorting, and reducing content into a coherent package. If your viewers struggle to find the messaging threads in your company's videos, you should ask a video production services provider for help.  

For example, trainees watching company videos might struggle to retain key themes. Video producers, however, can cut each video into a more coherent work that'll improve retention.

Reach out to a video production company, such as Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions, to learn more.


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Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

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