Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

Making Corporate Meetings Better

Sue Allen

Many companies have corporate meetings periodically. These meetings can be a way to exchange ideas with those who work for and with you and can be a time when everyone is in the same room to discuss various projects. However, they can sometimes turn into gatherings where not much is done and folks can't wait to leave. To make sure that your corporate meetings are enjoyed and valued by everyone, use these tips.

Get Proper Furniture

A good meeting is not necessarily possible if it's standing room only or the only seats are plastic crates. While you might not be able to provide a setting that's too glamorous, do your best to ensure that everyone at a meeting will have a comfortable seat and can easily see whoever will speaking during the meeting.

Have Specific Goals

Many corporate meetings are scheduled every few weeks or every month. While this can give some guidance and people have a vague idea of what will be discussed, to boost effectiveness and enthusiasm, you might want to dictate the specific goals of a meeting before it takes place. There will be no guesswork and people will be better prepared to address the issues when they have a clear idea of what they'll need to bring or know about.

Record Meetings

Sometimes there can be no way to accurately recount a meeting to someone who was unable to make it. While you may have someone taking notes, they can't get the full feeling and understanding of what it was like to be in the room from a piece of paper dropped in their mailbox. To help them have a similar experience, be sure that you're recording each meeting with good audio-visual equipment. Being able to see and hear what happened, directly, will bring them up to speed and they don't have to worry that they were left behind because they couldn't attend.

Ask for Feedback

One thing that's overlooked often is just checking in with your workers and managers to find out what they think about what's happening. You might want to ask everyone to complete an anonymous online survey about what they enjoy during meetings and what they think is a waste of time. Being able to tailor a meeting based on the feedback you receive will help empower those who work for you and make your meetings better.

These ideas turn your corporate meetings into vibrant, communicative sessions where those in your company can walk away feeling energized and happy about the way the company is going. You can also talk to companies like WNAV Audio Visual for more tools to make it easier.


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Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

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