Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

Business Videos: Why They Matter to Small Businesses

5 Things You May Find in Your Sewage Pipe While Using a Sewer Camera

Sue Allen

If your home's sewage line has started to back up, you may decide to rent a sewer camera to find out what is blocking the pipes. If so, below are five things you may see while you are visually meandering through your pipes.

Tree Roots Growing Into The Pipe

If you have several trees growing close to your house, you may see tree roots inside your pipes. These can lead to all sorts of problems, including cracking the sewer pipe. The roots can contribute to a few of the other items discussed below.

As the tree roots grow larger, they could bust the pipes. This means sewage could leak into your yard, as well as seep into fresh water sources around your home.

Large Glob of Grease & Food

One common cause of sewer line backup is grease and food that have gone down your kitchen drain. Even if there is only a small amount allowed to go into your sewage line, any food particles or grease globs could become stuck on the pipe walls or attach itself to any tree roots that may be growing inside.

Over time, the grease and food glob can become so large that it slows down your drains. Eventually, it could stop them up completely. If you see a partial blockage, you may be able to use a drain cleaner or snake to remove it. If you have a complete block, you may need to seek a recommendation for a plumber from the rental company.

Household Objects

While looking through the camera, you may be surprised to find a small household object in your sewage lines. This could be anything that can fit down the drain, including one of your child's toys that they decided to flush down the toilet while you were not looking.

If you do see an army man, toy car, or another item, this will need to be removed by a professional as soon as possible. Over time, the object may keep attracting other things, such as food and grease, making a huge blockage that could completely fill the pipe and possibly bust it.

Leaking Cracks in the Pipe Joints

While using your sewer camera, you may see water spewing from the top of the pipe above the sludge. While not a blockage, leaking cracks in the pipe joints could become a real issue down the road.

Eventually, the pipe joints could come apart or collapse. This would lead to unhealthy sewage seeping into the ground surrounding it. Also, if a pipe joint collapses, drainage would become slow or stopped from your home's drains.

Collapsed Wall Inside the Sewage Pipes

Perhaps one of the worst things you could see while using the sewer camera to inspect the inside of your pipes is a collapsed wall. This can let a large amount of dirt into the sewage pipe, causing a major blockage. It can also lead to massive spillage into the dirt around it.

If you see that you have a collapsed pipe, you should call a plumber immediately. More than likely, they will have to dig up your yard and replace the pipe. You may want to speak to a sewer camera rental company for a referral or recommendation if you do not already have a plumber.

After finding the cause of the blockage in your sewage pipes, you probably wonder what you can do to get rid the problem. You may want to speak with a representative at the rental company where you rented your sewer camera to ask for their advice or recommendations on how to proceed with finding a solution.


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